35 Stunning Event Invitations

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Make your invitations stand out with some of these inspirational designs and ideas to make a good first impression on your attendees.

As the first point of contact with many of your attendees, invitations are important to making the right impact and setting the tone of your event. They relay important information and are an extension of the event itself, often giving away the theme and the standard of organization that has gone into it. Here are 35 stunning examples of amazing event invitations that embody their event and give the right first impression to the guests.

1.Blue Royal Ribbon

This simple and sophisticated idea shows that a simple splash of color and ribbon could be all you need to step up a standard invite. The raised stationary also helps to give the sense of elegance and class.

Credit: Royal Perfection Events

  1. Shaped Floral Edges

Step away from the traditional and use bespoke and unique edging on your invitations so that they demand attention. This idea looks like it has been stamped from a beautiful floral scene to reveal the details on the other side.

Credit: Namine Kate

  1. Chatterbox Invites

This fantastic concept creates an interactive invitation out of a fun, childhood game and is made classy by the color scheme and font.

Credit: White Events

  1. Rustic Wedding

This embossed, rustic invitation makes use of natural themes and tones while adding some fun lettering and imagery. This logo is based on the bride and groom who then turned it into an official double sided invite, which also saves on paper too.

WEDDING WEDNESDAY 💕 • Throwback to one from our own set of wedding invitations from our winter wedding at Peckforton Castle 1/3

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Credit: Natural Selection

  1. Fold Out Vintage Bloom

This pretty, vintage bloom invitation is perfect for an event with a lot of information to share with attendees because it folds out offering critical details for the day.

Credit: ETflairs

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