Beyond Creatives

Who we are.

Our team is led by our fearless leader Betty, and is made up of the most passionate crew. We have Derick who runs point in production and the rest of the team takes care of the event management part. Together we make a well oiled machine so take the leap and include us in your plans.


The Brains


The Detail Ace


Glam Squad Leader




Since there's no one size fits all solution, we will build you that exact fit space using the best material there is and some of our home brewed options that are equally as good .


Our process is very carefully thought out, so that on your big day everything is precisely where it is supposed to be - to the last detail. Just like fine art every stroke must be immaculate.

How We Work

The Meet & Greet

We listen to what you say then we add our creativity.

Meet & Greet


Don’t worry we understand you’re on a budget.

Sample Quotation

Follow Through

We let you be the judge of our work.

The Result