Church Sound: Top Concerns Faced By Churches When Purchasing New Equipment

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Reply By Bob Clearly defining what they want the system to do now, six months from now, and two to three years later. Then comes BUDGET. For some reason, budget seems to be set first, before the system requirements are spelled out.

I know my church has been bitten once or twice by people who really know their stuff but have recommended things that are cheap and easy to install, which didn’t do the job or solve the problem.

Reply By Dave Sad, but true. Another main concern is trusting the company who is advising them, as many churches have little expertise in the field of sound & lighting.

Reply By Dan People who don’t know what they’re doing and have some misguided notion about what a system should do, cost and/or look like. If you take care of the people problems, everything else will fall into place.

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